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Since 2000 we have been manufacturing round slings. We supply anything as small as 0.5 Ton x 1mtr circ (0.5mtr EWL) up to 250 Ton x 32mtr circ (16mtr EWL). Again we keep a large stock of most sizes for all of your rush orders. As of 2016, we now manufacture Aramid round slings. Aramid round slings have a very good strength to weight ratio and have a high heat resistance that can be used in temperatures up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. We offer PVC, webbing or HMPE protective sleeves for sharp edges on the single or the double of the sling. We can also attach a colour code if required.


Advantages of Round Slings


  • Low elongation

  • Flexible and lightweight

  • Absorb shock far better than wire rope or chain slings

  • Webbing or PVC wear sleeves available for sharp loads

  • Less chance of damaging the surface of the goods being lifted

  • Aramid is lighter than normal polyester round slings

  • HMPE has higher strength to weight ratio - light enough to float

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