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Aberdeen Web Ltd manufacture a wide range of webbing slings from 0.5 TE - 21 TE, up to 100 metres in length with a safety factor of 7:1 to BSEN 1492-1. Because we manufacture on site, we can supply webbing slings with a wide range of lifting hardware to suit. i.e. master links, quad assemblies, clevis hooks and a variety of sizes for your specific requirements. We are asked to meet tight deadlines time and time again therefore we keep a large stock of slings on the shelf so we can get them to you in as little a time as possible. We can also attach a colour code if required.


Advantages of Webbing Slings

  • Low elongation

  • Flexible and lightweight

  • Absorb shock far better than wire rope or chain slings

  • Webbing or PVC wear sleeves available for sharp  loads

  • Less likely to damage or scratch the surface of the goods being lifted

  • Good strength to weight ratio

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